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The Forgotten War - Listing Equipment Losses In The 2023 Sudan War

  By Elmustek and Buschlaid This list attempts to track equipment losses during the 2023 Sudan Civil War, between the Sudanese Government and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). 

What Is Happening In Myanmar - Documenting Equipment Losses In The Myanmar Civil War

By Elmustek This list attempts to track equipment losses during the Myanmar Civil War, between the State Administration Council (Known to most people simply as the “Junta”) and the National Unity Government (Known to most people as the “Rebels”).  Disclaimer: Armada Rotta and its contributors do not support any belligerent engaged in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or acts of terrorism.  This list only includes destroyed vehicles and equipment of which photo or video-graphic evidence is available. Losses from before 2021, Civilian Cars, Vehicles of Emergency Services (i.e. Civilian Ambulances), Derelict Equipment, and Loitering Munitions won't be included in the list, BUT if it has a Military Licenseplate it will be listed.Equipment will be listed as captured when there is visual evidence that it has been operated / is controlled by an enemy belligerent, or that it is in territory that is controlled by an enemy belligerent. As soon as visual evidence appears that proves equipm